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Continental Congress 2009

What has happened to our great United States?  It’s still one of the greatest places in the world; but, the freedoms we enjoy are being eroded every day.

There are good people on each side of the aisle; but, it is time we step back and look at what is happening to our constitution, our country, our politics, our freedoms.  Everyone has a right to opinion and to express it; but, if you look closely those freedoms are being shouted down in certain arenas.  The ones that are doing the shouting should step back and look what happens when their message doesn’t agree with the primary agenda?

The Continental Congress 2009 I believe was primarily trying to get our country back on track.  Relying on the Constitution, redeeming our freedoms, preserving our rights and the words of our forefathers who knew this day would come to pass.

What are your thoughts on the Continental Congress 2009 and how it impacted our country?  Are the thoughts and passions that these people were trying to achieve gone?  Are we truly losing our freedoms everyday?  Is our Constitution being raided and ignored by a government out of control.

Why is our government not addressing these concerns?  To me that is the redwood tree in the forest of pines.

If someone would like to post there views, pro or con, contact this site.

I would love there to be civil discussion.  Not anger.  Not blasphemy.  But real discussion.  As a nation we need to stand together and recognize everyone’s right to dialogue.  We should recognize the real freedoms this great country offered.  No bigotry.  No shouting each other down.  The people are this nation.

You can read the U.S. Constitution by visiting this government archive website … http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution.html.