Tomorrow, I leave for my first two-week trip to Vancouver to work for the new company.

My MacBook came today.On Monday, my new MacBook came. It’s funny - I’ve had a computer in one form or another for over the past twenty years, and this is the first Mac I’ve ever owned. Not that I’m an anti-Mac zealot; I know my way around PC, and why change what you already know? But I decided to get a Mac for the following reasons:

You could dual boot Windows on a Mac, which is necessary for cross-browser web page testing

I heard that World of Warcraft runs just fine on one of these things, and

Society tells me that only hip people use a Mac, and sweet baby Jesus, I SO want to be part of the fold. (Seriously, you can’t walk into a cafe in San Francisco without seeing a hipster on a Mac. All I need is a nose ring and a heroin addiction and I’m set.)

Now that I’ve had the MacBook for a couple of days, here are some thoughts:

No surprise, the MacBook is pretty and shiny and white. But as an iPod owner, I know that if you so much as blow the back of an iPod, it will scratch. For this reason, I’m completely terrified of actually using the laptop for fear of wear and tear. Then I realize that my parents were the type of people to cover their furniture with a plastic tarp, and I weep for my carefree youth.

Not having a Delete key freaks me out. Okay, Macs do have a Delete key, but it really functions as the Backspace key, so it’s not really a Delete key as it is a Delete Key FULL OF LIES. It’s kinda jarring the first couple of times, I’m just saying.

Ditto with the one-button mouse thing. If it weren’t for my buddy Ben (who also hooked me up with the discount by the way, Gay Apple Mafia in full effect) who taught me the two-fingers-on-the-trackpad-and-click thing, my left hand would have cramped up from doing Control+Click so many times.

Connecting to a wireless connection is a MILLION times easier. That’s nice.

More thoughts as they come along, but yeah. The MacBook seems pretty solid. I’ll keep this around for a little while.