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News Topic Dominating the Airwaves

It is not an easy task to be updated with the news events happening across the world. Plenty of stuff is happening in each and every country of our planet. Due to this it’s a big disadvantage to read printed newspapers. Newspapers simply lack the ability to cover news as they happen. More and more people are relying on news from online sites. However, getting a reliable news website is not easy with the rise of fake news. If you want to know the news pieces capturing headlines in the world presently, then continue reading the article that follows. Without further ado, here are three stories that are dominating news headline presently.

The Discovery of Ebola Vaccine

In the year 2013, the world witnessed the deadliest Ebola outbreak in the world. The outbreak happened in West Africa, though the countries most affected were Sierra lone and Liberia. The outbreak claimed the lives of over 11,000 people while over 28,000 people affected by the disease. If you are not aware, Ebola is deadly viral disease that kills people within a few days. Ebola doesn’t have a cure yet meaning, an infection most often causes death. To tackle this deadly, disease scientist began testing a vaccine for Ebola in 2015. The Vaccine proved successful as of December 2016, as over 5,000 people exposed to the Ebola virus were not affected after taking the vaccine. Through vaccination, the world can look forward to eradicating the Ebola virus.

The US Election Victory For Donald Trump.

2016 December was a defining moment in the history of the world. In 2016 December, Donald Trump won the US election For many people around the world, Donald Trump is viewed as a divisive figure. But that did not stop him from ascending to power, even though opinion polls showed Hillary Clinton was ahead. Lots of people were amazed by his victory. Lots of news organization covers MR. Trump before and after his Victory. He was declared Times Magazine person of the year because of this. On January 20th 2014, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as US president. Already, people cant wait to see the changes under President Trump.

Global Terrorism

An issue affecting the world at this present moment in the world is terrorism. In 2016, there were numerous terrorism attacks in Europe. Tight security measures are being implemented in Europe due to this. Also the issue of immigration is a hot topic around Europe. The US was also a victim of terror attacks through ,mass shooting. Asa result, lots of nations are reconsidering their immigration rules.

It’s not easy to keep pace with the events happening around the globe. Though, if you depend on reliable news sources that are credible, then you will not be left behind. Check online news sites if you want to know the current news happenings.
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